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  • We've got to be able to see the Whomping Willow, or we won't know what's going on. Enough, both of you, I said, and gave Paul a hand up.

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  • He thrust his arm at a woman sitting in the front pew.
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  • And we'll need to ask her about- But James put up a hand.

    They had crossed two hundred and fifty thousand miles so they could build a new generation of Hong Kongs under the lunar surface.
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    Wrinkling her nose as she veiled, Sulin led half the Maidens through at a trot.

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  • To fix that problem, you would need to move another $5,000 from inventory to cost of goods sold.
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  • The marble floor -- nearly everything in sight was marble -- gave the hall the aspect of a cathedral, and the walls were decorated with aphorisms such as Cicero's THE WELFARE OF THE PEOPLE IS THE HIGHEST LAW, a phrase he found curiously -- or at least potentially -- expedient in what was certainly designed as a temple to the idea of law. He leaves the stateroom yet again, neglecting to offer me his company.

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  • Her plays and magazine writing had been a part of her life left behind when the war started. His understanding was good, and his education had given it solid improvement.

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